Thursday, February 24, 2011

“Greatest Mistake”

There is so much we can learn from King David. Like most of us, Mighty David had it all. Even so, he wanted more. His lust for another man’s wife, Bathsheba, could have been his downfall. However, David eventually chose to admit his sin and God used David to highlight the power of His grace and the power of His restoration. It was his “Greatest Mistake”.

My new friend Thomas is in need of that restoration. Thomas is like many people I know: smart, well spoken, clean cut, and hard working. Thomas grew up in a military family. He had the chance to see all corners of the globe. His family settled in Panama City Beach, FL, where he finished high school. After school, Thomas chose to follow in his father’s footsteps. He joined the National Guard and served for several years. Recreational drugs became a thorn in his side. Thomas was no longer the man that his parents had brought him up to be. A decision to steal a couple guitars and sell them to a pawn shop turned his world upside down.

Fast forward a year… Thomas, in his early 20’s, is on probation. According to him, he stays ‘here and there’. His only possessions have been lost along the way. He does have a Bible, but admits he ‘just needs to open it more often’. He has found work at a local BoJangles. He is down… but not out! God is restoring him… the work has just begun! We met Thomas at a local shelter. After sharing the story of David and Bathsheba with Thomas and praying with him this past Wednesday morning he told our group, “Thanks for what you are doing. I don’t plan on seeing ya’ll when you come back. I’m on my way out of this mess.”

I am thankful that God has chosen Kingdom Here to be a small part of an incredible transformation. I believe in Thomas and I believe in many of the men we have come in contact with. I hope that Thomas has made his “Greatest Mistake” and that God will continue to change his life. Pray for Thomas. Pray for the homeless men in Augusta. Pray for restoration.

God Bless,

Beau w/ Kingdom Here Ministries

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey Folks,

Our intent is, and always has been, to develop a relationship with the homeless and needy in inner city Augusta while meeting their deepest needs in their darkest hour. We believe that, in doing this, we will be able to effectively minister to and deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these people.

We are making progress.

We took our first trip on Thanksgiving Day 2010. Since then we continue to see many of the same faces. We are learning names and they are beginning to remember ours. More and more they are opening up to us about their situations. This past week's trip was incredible. We took a crew of 8 men and ministered to around 50 people. The numbers of people serving are growing in proportion to the number of people we are serving. God is good!

We also think it's very important that we give a special thanks to all the folks who have helped this ministry grow legs by donating their time, clothes,food, and resources. You are an incredible blessing to us & this community. More than anything, though, we are grateful for your prayers. Oh, and go visit Jason Adams' Chic-Fil-a in Evans, GA - Mullins Crossing, as well as the Bo Jangles on Washington Rd in Martinez. They donated breakfast this past week.

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In closing, here are a few pics of Kingdom Here in action. More to follow soon!

Be Love,

Jamie for Kingdom Here