Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making a Difference - Proof!

Hey folks, just a quick blog post to fill you in on what's happening with KH.

The weather here in Augusta has begun to get chilly and this always means a difficult time for the homeless.  We are going to do anything and everything we can to help with that this year & we would be grateful for some new partners to come along side us and get involved.  Click the link on the menu to the right and see how you can join us. 

We had a great trp downtown this morning and were able to minister to about 65 folks.  It's always a good thing when you run out of biscuits!  Robbie did an excellent job speaking on the Gospel of Luke and how we are all "lost sheep" that Jesus rejoices over when one comes home.  One of the things we often wonder is whether or not we are truly making a difference in these peoples lives.  Sure, we help meet the physical needs but are we saying and doing the things necessary to help guide them closer to Christ & a relationship with the living God?  Robbie pondered this question during his message today. 

Shortly afterwards, Jimmy, one of the guys we haven't seen in a while, came up and offered proof.  He told us that 2 weeks ago he was baptized.  Yes!  He told us that we were making a difference and encouraged us to continue our work. 

All Glory to God!

Be Love,

Jamie for Kingdom Here