Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KH Update September 2015


Been a while since we posted an update, but please don't think an absence of writing means we have been absent in the Word or planning our next missions outreach.  In fact, this very week, our group of 7 men will experience our inaugural mentorship visit to Heritage Academy. This has been an almost 6 month process of listening to God, praying on "what's next," and planning with the administration and ourselves structuring our visits to be purposeful.

So, we are writing this update to let you know the next chapter of Kingdom Here, and to ask for your prayers that His will be done. Also, to pray for each boy in the 3rd grade. There are 6 boys, so we have an opportunity to have quality time with these young children. We have been told that most of the children we will be mentoring have little or no men involvement in their day to day lives. Wow!! Can you imagine?? We have an opportunity to show these children that real men love Jesus, are involved, and invest in the next generation.  

We have a great example from our Heavenly Father, who has accepted us with all of our shortcomings...He loves us even though we have done nothing to deserve it. We pray we will be able to show these children unconditional love from our Savior. Also, to raise up a generation of fatherless to be strong men living for Jesus and reverse the trend that is paralyzing not just our community, but our nation. Lastly, please pray specifically for the 3rd grade class at Heritage Academy and for the men who are bringing His word to them.

Looking forward to this next adventure!

Graham for KH

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quick Update!


It's been a while since our last blog post but please know we are not sitting idle. We have had over four years of consistently bringing hope through the gospel and basic hygiene and clothing needs to our areas homeless men and women. We have thoroughly appreciated and covet your prayers, financial and volunteer support, and encouragement along the way.

Earlier in 2015, after much prayer and deliberation, we determined our calling has changed a bit. We are all parents of young children and feel a strong push to shift our focus to inner-city children – specifically at Heritage Academy. We aren't exactly sure what this will look like, but it will more than likely be some type of mentoring program. It will be for a specific grade of boys initially, but our hoping goal would be that other men will join us and cover these children in every class in the school.

We are still making periodic visits downtown to some of our regulars and hope to pass this mission along to another group.  We have a lot of momentum and have laid a lot of the ground work for the homeless side of our ministry.  A lot of hard work, effort and progress is invested and it would be ideal for a transition to occur there.

We will keep you posted as these tentative plans become reality and look forward to your continued support going forward.

God is good.  Jesus is Love!

Graham for KH