Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pops, Greg, and Street Lights

This past Wednesday was one of the best we have had.  We gave out 80 biscuits and probably had close to 100 people we were able to talk with.  We are encouraged in the last several weeks that they are getting more attentive to our message.  We ask you to pray for our group each Wednesday morning and that God will prepare the hearts and minds of those we talk with and that they will continue to be receptive to his word.  

One of our favorites is “Pops”.  Pops is turning 63 this week and has a love for the Lord.  Pops asked us to pray for him because he feels like God wants him to do something big with his life and is a little frustrated that he can’t figure out what that is.  Pops is a wonderful influence on the young men and women that he meets.  Some we meet downtown are reluctant, but it is encouraging to us to see many like Pops who are ready and willing to follow the Lord.  We ask that you pray for Pops and that God will continue to walk ahead of him and show him the path he wants him to go down.

Another great story this week was from our friend Greg.  Greg talked about some of the hardships he has had and the fact that God just wants us to walk in the light.  Greg used the analogy of a street light.  He noted that he did not want to walk on the dark sidewalk at night, because he never knew who was going to jump out at him and it was dangerous.  He explained that he wanted to walk on the street where the lights were, so he could be prepared and see where he was going.  Greg noted that every day he woke up was a day that he was able to choose the path that he walked down.  Greg held his hands up and put his hands together forming a V, and noted that he had made the decision to go down the path of the light.  He was tired of going down the sidewalk and wanted to follow Jesus who is the light of the world.  Greg, who served our country in the military, has some excited things coming up including a scholarship to a 12 month program that will allow him to build on some of the skills he learned in the military.  We ask you to pray for Greg as well.

Like many weeks we go down, we feel like we got more than we gave.  Please continue to pray that we will make an eternal difference in the hearts and minds of our friends downtown.  

Bill for Kingdom Here

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Things Happening!

Well, it has been a while since we last updated our blog, so here goes!

We have continued to make our every other week visits to two different downtown Augusta locations. This last visit marked our 18 month anniversary. To say we have learned a lot, seen a lot, heard a lot, experienced a lot would be an understatement. Sadly, it seems almost every visit now, when we ask for updates from “regulars,” that we are told of deaths of folks we have witnessed to in the past. Personally, this gives me even more motivation to develop relationships and continue to share the Good News. The phrase, “we aren’t promised tomorrow,” certainly resonates with us.

Enough melancholy news…we are making a difference! Along with the reality of death and illness, we are also meeting new “friends,” hearing new stories, and almost every week we are blessed through prayer, appreciation, and the kind words “God bless you.” ​

This past visit, we were excited to see a few friends we hadn’t seen in quite a while. Wayne, aka “Goose,” had been in Burke County the last few months, and “Pops” had been helping a disabled friend moving into a new location. Pops usually will pray before we distribute food, and he is a powerful prayer warrior. He always prays for “the men who take their time to minister to us, to bring us food, and encourage us to walk a path of righteousness.” He will also usually pray for our families, which means so much.

Now for some perspective…3 visits ago, we met a young lady and her son at Mercy Ministries. I wasn’t able to talk to them, but most of our contact is with men, so when we see a lady, someone in our group will make an extra effort to bring them anything we can to help. The fact that her 2 year old son was wearing a Thomas the Train t-shirt, the exact shirt my son has, prompted me to ask about her situation. Turns out her boyfriend had kicked them out, burned all of their clothes, and they were on their own. We were able to put together a bag of clothes for each of them, but we haven’t seen them since. Keep that family in your prayers.

Now for a cool story….2 visits ago, we pulled into Mercy and saw a gentleman painting a picture—he had sketched the figures with a pencil and was painting them in when we arrived. His name is Arthur, and his talent was undeniable. The most remarkable thing was his palette…he didn’t have anything more than what even a child would use to paint—he had several colors basically blobbed together in what appeared to be the top of a carry out plastic lid. Amazing. Awesome. Very cool.

As always, we are grateful for you who pray for us and have partnered with us in this journey. We are making a difference…hands and feet,