Wednesday, May 18, 2011

76 Days

This morning was an absolutely incredible time with our Kingdom Here family. We made our usual trips to The Salvation Army and Mercy Ministries in downtown Augusta to deliver biscuits, clothes, and Bibles to our friends. We had the opportunity to meet lots of new folks and, for the first time, God provided an opportunity for us to pray with our friends as a whole group. It was overwhelming to see God move throughout the morning.

Darnell is one of our new friends at The Salvation Army and his story seems fitting to help describe how blessed the morning was. I began talking to Darnell right when we pulled in. He walked up, shook my hand, and had a certain ‘joy’ about him. I asked him how he was doing.
His response was rather puzzling.

76 days and blessed, man.” It didn’t register with me.

“76 days? What’s that, Darnell?”

“I’ve been clean 76 days. I was hooked on drugs but God restored my life on March 3rd.”

He went on to tell me how God had broken him and how on March 3rd he pulled out his Bible and wrote in it, “Jesus you can heal me and you can have me.” That day he rededicated his life to the cause of Christ.

Darnell shared with me how he feels compelled to minister to and share the Gospel right where he is in the homeless community. He’s made it his mission to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus, regardless of the cost. He is plugged in to New Hope Worship Center with Pastor Roger and also attends The Bridge church on Saturdays. He’s being baptized on June 5. Crazy. Awesome.

I believe he would have stood there all day long talking to me about his deliverance, mission, and the hope he has in Christ. This man has been transformed and truly believes that “he has been crucified with Christ and no longer lives (Gal 2:20).” His past is his past and he’s now focused on his future. The words he said keep echoing in my mind: “He never gave up on me”.

As we loaded up to move on to Mercy Ministries Darnell stopped us. He asked if he could pray for us and our ministry. And man, he put a prayin’ on us! He thanked God for the impact we are having down there. He asked God to protect us and our families. And that we would know that what we are doing down there is making a difference. His prayer was like fuel to the fire on this thing we call Kingdom Here.

All this to say…We are PUMPED about what we are seeing happen. This is just the beginning. God is faithful and true. He never changes. He never fails. He never gives up on me, you, or Darnell. He's moving in downtown Augusta and in the hearts of these men. And we are honored to be His hands and feet.

Please know that we are so grateful for your support and prayers.

Be Love!

-Jamie for Kingdom Here